Sunday, June 28, 2009

happy father's day!

this is ordered by jaja..a father's day card and "welcome to collage life.." card. tp since ayat jaja panjang sgt..i modified it a bit to be a "congratulation" card..and put he long wording inside.ok la kot eh??! for father's day card..jaja mintak golf theme..and i know nothing about golf but only white golf ball and club....hehehe

happy birthday to fira!

last monday, 22nd june was fira's birthday (elis's sister)! happy birthday to her..may happiness be with her always! so..elis ordered a birthday card for green n butterfly theme! no butterfly without flowers aite?? so i made this card especially for her sister..hope u like it elis! and of coz, her sister too... *wink*


and here are the similar design ordered by my beloved customers...

happy moments....

june is a hectic month! my brother's best fren's another fren's card's enquiry yg agak bnyk (alhamdulillah..)..n the most exhausted thing to think is my work workload!(pelik je bunyi ayat..hurmmm)...enuff here are some of the wedding cards that i made =)
may the couples live happily ever after...........and so do us!