Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cuci mate di hari raye...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

raya fever!~~

lame da tak update ni few cards yg fara da buat for the past few weeks...

kad lame yg dimodified to wedding wishes..

good luck card for adik jaja (she wanted a card with malaysian n us saye tanak kibarkan us flag..bole??)

kad jaja for her hubby (tasempat amik gamba..da nak hand over br snap 1 pic!) ...birthday + raya combo!

kad hari raya... redo design..

kad raya lagi..

kad hari raya lagi..but with same design as previous..

10 kad raye ordered by my beloved customer..

n kad yg bru dibuat semlm..n telah di chop oleh pn nurul! huhu

n last but not least..di kesempatan ini saye ingin memohon maaf di atas segale kesalahan..mintak dihalalkan segale yg telebey or tekurang..selamat menjalani ibadah puase..n selamat menyambut hari raya!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


last weekend i made few cards..making some hari raya card for my beloved customer (pelanggan setia ok!) just nak share some samples yg fara da buat (she already bole la fara proceed =))...

and sambil2an tu..tebuat card ala2 'invitation' cover sket letak wording lain =P~~

have a great day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


once upon a time, i did have a difficult time. the time that...i do not know an appropriate word for it...but let it be. let it be left alone at the past. past it past. and now i'm gripping the present. mesmerizing every moment...sec mins hours and so on and so forth. i do not know why i'm writing this...but i guess i feel this very moment.
syukur alhamdulillah!
at that time..'that once upon a time' time, i'm coping with my life and gripping to time with cards making. crafting make me enjoy every moment that i have (aside from shopping...pardon me!)...when i start making cards, i left all the pain behind. i've stop crying. and by time, i start to gain my composure, my health, and my weight back (of course more 'fat'..indeed!).i've promise myself not to look back...moving forward. although some time loneliness killing me..but i feel happier and livelier than ever!
i should be very very grateful. i always make myself to think "saye susah..ade org lain lagii susah".."saye sakit..ade org lain lagii sakit"...and god do love me! and i believe that everything happens for reasons. and in life, no matter what life put us through, choices always there. i'm proud of myself now for able to stand on my own (with my family that always love me and support me in every way), moved on and enjoying my life!
hurmmm BUT lately i'm having A biggg problem!i'm getting lazier and lazier. always in "no mood" mode. no mood to make cards, no mood to do that and this. becoming grumpy too! and emotional sometimes! its like the "PTTB" syndrome! and i hate that so much! maybe the fats make me as lazy as snake! ewwww i hate snake! not hate but afraid of...most of the sleek and small and tiny creatures (don't bite me please) [^_^]v
okayyy..enuff are some cards that i'm forced myself to do it over weekends. so enjoicee!!!~~

never stop believing. may Allah bless you and me! cheers~~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

tak cantik ponn!

tensen plak rase nye asek buat kad tak cantik...have i lost my touch??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

hamper raya

hey all! mencelah kejap nak pomot my latest product. besempena ngn hari raya yg bakal menjelang ni..hammie nak pomot hamper raya utk sesape yg berminat. ade 5 jenis hamper; lain2 price range. biskut raye dijamin sedap..insyaallah. so sile la cuci2 mate ye. semua hamper berserta hiasan n kad kecik.
tempaham dibuka sekarang. diharap kalau nak tempah tu bgtau awal2 ye..jgn last minit [^_^]

hamper Fair (RM50)
2 x homemade cookies

hamper Carnival (RM100)
3 x homemade cookies
1 x homemade choc
1 x ketupat segera

hamper Parade (RM150)
4 x homemade cookies
1 x homemade choc
1 x ketupat segera
1 x kurma
1 x Tupperware mm oval

hamper Fiesta (RM200)
5 x homemade cookies
1 x homemade choc
1 x ketupat segera
1 x kurma
1 x mix nut
1 x Teh Boh
2 x Tupperware mm round

hamper Gala (RM300)
7 x homemade cookies
1 x homemade choc
1 x ketupat segera
1 x kurma
1 x kismis
1 x prune
1 x mix nut
1 x Teh Boh
1 x cordial
2 x Tupperware ot/mm

-utk Gala n Fair belom siap deco lagi...will update once available-


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


[^_^] hai! da lame tak update blog kan! sgttt bz lately (bz ape pon tatau!) kadang2 at the end of the day i tried to remember what i did today or yesterday or day before that..what had occupied my day..huhuhu (seriously..i think i am getting older!) but in any way...i kinda like those hectic days since it makes me feel occupied..full. sebab i hate the emptiness/loneliness!
so its better this way aite? busy! [smile again]

so back to hammieheart-card...there are few cards made that haven't been pictured (and already sent! forgetful me!) and some still not upload here!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

testing 1 2 3

i tried to fulfill customer satisfaction...but sometime it is just too hard! *sigh* my creative mind "tak mari"!! *double sigh*

Friday, March 19, 2010

eye candy...

ermm tak rajin sgt nak tulis-tulis.
some cards that i've made (ade yg blom siap lg [-_-] bad!)..
ape pon..enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

new heart!

i apologize for the long silence...rasenye mcm dah sgt lame tak buat kad sampaikan last wiken when i was about to make a card for my fren, tekejut tgk brg2 ku dipenuhi habuk siap dgn spider web lagik! ishk...
tp my post today is not about card...i'll update on card next week k =) hehehe! [ketawe org jahat]
this post is to introducing my new heart........
so feel free to drop by n i'll be updating you from time to time. it will not be the tupperware brands will be more n more...more cute, colorfull and interesting stuff! insyaallah...
until then..cheers!~~

Thursday, February 4, 2010


ini bukan iklan kasut or iklan pakaian ini iklan Tupperware!
you are invited to attend our pizza TUPPERWARE party!!!
we are going to show u how simple and easy to make pizza within 15mins using the Tupperchef Fryer!
so come and join us!

Date: 7th Feb 2010 (Sunday)
Venue: Subang Perdana Goodyear Court 10, USJ 14, Subang Jaya (hall)
Time: 2 - 4pm

if you are interested to join do let us know latest by tomorrow (5/2/10)
kindly contact us at 0122246320/0124617157
or u can email me at

until then...may ur day be filled with joy and happiness! cheers~~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i feel so lucky to still alive in this harsh world! i am grateful for what i am and for what i have..alhamdulillah. so stret to da point.............
thank you very much for your supports to make this giveaway so happening! the credit goes to
Aimi A.Z, Zahidah, Aryn Salleh, pRiNcEsS yAnIe, Zahidah, zliah, fa-aja-aja, Zann, nadiah, NInA, baina, sayalah!, sweetcraft store, MisS Cinta_ati, ♥♥♥ tEroMpaH_ mAwArrKu♥♥♥, AiSHieY, oYa, Mimi Sharif, Aishah Megahasz, anin

ur name inside my cute pink tupperware...

goncang-goncang...shake shake...

keluar 2 keping!
and the lucky winners are:


to Zliah (i wrongly spell ur name on the paper..sorry!) and sweet carft...i'll notify you by email and courier the set later.

i am so happy today..and hope u guys too!
until next time...cheers~