Wednesday, December 30, 2009

silent month~~

its been a while since my last update. i made few cards but soo lazy to upload or take pic! to be frank not in the mood to make cards too! i have no heart for the past few weeks..or month??! guys..sorry for my late respond/delivery. i m not sure what bothers me n dont know y i am so...blahhhh!! whevr! no need excuses rite? so here are some of the cards made during the silent month..........
another sorry card for ena..

farewell cards for azila...

the engagement invitation card for fira (i love this cards!)

another card for nobody...
and a birthday card...


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sorry is the hardest thing to say...

i made this yesterday supposed for ena. but not sure whether she likes it or not sbb die blom reply my sms/mail.
hurmm...mcm lagu boyband ape tu eh "sorry is the hardest thing to say"...
but not for me though! sbb saye sgt suke mintak maaf =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

its been awhile since my last post. nothing much to update… just few cards that i made recently.
this one is supposed for Ena... hope she likes it!

this blue birthday card also is supposed for Ena... but too simple! so she took another card..

and this invitation cards was made for Has’s engagement…altogether 20pcs… may their relationship last forever!

so thats all for now... wahai cik fara..sile la rajin ye..jgn malas2!