Monday, January 31, 2011

its a giveaway time!

bad news...haven't managed to make any card yet..
and the good news, as promise...
its time for giveaway!
so as just need to do few simple steps:
1. mention about this giveaway and my blog in your page (fb also can...)
2. comment this post dengan kate2 semangat (sbb saye sgt sgt kurang semangat utk membuat kad sekarang ini...)
3. and do mentioned ur details; name and email address as well as your post link!
and...Tadaaaaa! you already in the run to win the great goodies!
i'll announce the winner by 28th February 2011
only one lucky winner will have this giveaway..and it might be YOU!

so this is the, ribbons, bookmarks, buttons, stickers, papers...all for you! [^_^]v

cant wait to announce the winner tomorrow! and there will be a surprise too!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hello hello hello~~

halluuuu everybody! wow lame nye saye tak menjenguk blog..kad pon da lam tak buat ~_~ rinduuuuuuuu!
di harap tak telambat nak wish happy new year utk kwn2 yg follow hammieheartwork..
happy new year! may this 2011 bring us all th joy and happiness in the world!
so since this is a like comeback for me in 2011 i'll have a few treats for you in my mind
- 1st feb i'll conduct a giveaway [yippie!!!]
- 1st feb hammieheartshoppe gonna have more colors and flavours!
- and wait for the first giveaway in hammieheartshoppe too!!
tak sabar nak tunggu feb! hope sume plan saye menjadi
daa~~ for now!