Friday, January 22, 2010

1 year!

it has been sooo long since my last update... and visit to my own blog!? wow! almost a month...and rupe2nye sudah setahun since my first post! browsing thru the card that i've made..there are evolution on my creativity! [tak bnyk la..sikit je!] and the credits are to u guys who bear on me endlessly…and to all the adorable crafter’s blogs that always wow me and inspire me! (mcm award winner speech je!lol!) enuff babbling! OK! Since this is my first blog anniversary….i would like to have a giveaway! i have 2 sets to give...and the lucky 2 will be announce on 2.2.2010! so quickly...write a comment on this post along with ur name, blog link and email addressand tell ur frens about this giveaway on ur blog rite after u read this post! easy peasy rite?! [^_^] can't wait to draw out the 2 winners!

(i hate the pic taken by omniaII! sony erricson is better walaupon just 3.2mpix! hurmm...)

until then...cheers!~~