Thursday, September 10, 2009

raya fever!

kelip2 mate..lg seminggu lebey je tinggal utk kite bepuase..time goes by so fast! kelip2 mate..lagi seminggu nak raye! hehehe..n i received order from has for raya card last 2 weeks...pheww..i tot it is as simple as other card that i've made makaiiiihhh..susah nye! i dunno where to start and how to make it nice, fun and "raya". few attempt always end up with simple and plain card.. and at last...after two weeks..i only manage to come out with this card. not heart it so much...but..i think it has better "raya" mode compared to the others! this is the hardest assignment ever! and i surrender.... =P~~

1 comment:

  1. kalau nak tempah kad macam nie untuk raya haji boleyh tak?..leh email saya