Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i feel so lucky to still alive in this harsh world! i am grateful for what i am and for what i have..alhamdulillah. so stret to da point.............
thank you very much for your supports to make this giveaway so happening! the credit goes to
Aimi A.Z, Zahidah, Aryn Salleh, pRiNcEsS yAnIe, Zahidah, zliah, fa-aja-aja, Zann, nadiah, NInA, baina, sayalah!, sweetcraft store, MisS Cinta_ati, ♥♥♥ tEroMpaH_ mAwArrKu♥♥♥, AiSHieY, oYa, Mimi Sharif, Aishah Megahasz, anin

ur name inside my cute pink tupperware...

goncang-goncang...shake shake...

keluar 2 keping!
and the lucky winners are:


to Zliah (i wrongly spell ur name on the paper..sorry!) and sweet carft...i'll notify you by email and courier the set later.

i am so happy today..and hope u guys too!
until next time...cheers~


  1. berdebar-debar nak tau siapa menang.

    OMG saya dapat ke?

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh happyyyyyyyy nya saya!

    tenkiu2.may Allah bless u.